´éČ Web Support Services

Public-facing website tasks, SharePoint, Intranet, custom website development.

Services (7)

General Website Issues

Report a university website issue such as request page update/design, report broken links and/or misspelled word, request a face-to-face meeting, or request the development of custom web application.

Create a Web Form

Request the creation of an online form (Wufoo).

Cascade Profile Access Form

To set up your access, you must submit a Profile Access Form to request a bio profile web page

25Live Event Scheduling and Calendar Publishing

25Live® enables event planners and academic schedulers to search dates and venues and schedule campus space and resources all in one program. 25Live enables automatic posting of your scheduled events to e-calendars and displays throughout your campus.

Content Management Systems Administration

Allows one to request administrative actions in the following content management systems: Cascade, MyWSSU, SharePoint

MyWSSU Student Portal

The MyWSSU Student Portal is a centralized place where students can find all information and access to systems pertaining to their WSSU student experience.

Friendly/Short URL Request

You may need a short URL created, IF:

1) the actual URL is extremely long (longer than 100 characters) and/or non-descriptive;
2) you will be using the information on print material;
3) your URL is for a marketing campaign that has an end and start date.