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Support for all non-Banner applications (hardware, desktop, and specialty).

Request security access to Banner system applications.

Request a university website change such as page update/design, broken links and/or misspelled words, request a face-to-face meeting, or request the development of a custom web application.

Use this form to request training for the following applications: Adobe Creative Cloud Applications, Cascade,
DocuSign, web browsers (Edge, Safari, Chrome, etc.), Mainsaver, Microsoft 365 Applications, Microsoft Teams, 
Qualtrics, RAMTech, and Zoom.

Allows user to request an online form.

Designed for an individual who is not a WSSU student, faculty member, or staff member and may be granted for a variety of reasons, including contractors who manage WSSU resources, volunteers, visiting faculty, and external research collaborators.

Provides troubleshooting for WSSU-owned desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

RMS is a global leader in providing student housing and conference management software solutions for colleges and universities.

Banner® Recruiting and Admissions Performance is an integrated package of scorecards, dashboards, reports, analytics, and a data warehouse that helps you find better ways to identify and engage best-fit prospective students and meet enrollment targets.

Fusion manages our University Recreation facilities with powerful, adaptable, and secure recreation management software.

Degree Works is a web-based, degree-auditing and tracking tool which enables students and advisors to evaluate academic progress towards graduation in accordance to College and major requirements outlined in the College Catalog. This tool will allow students to quickly and easily identify which requirements have been satisfied, and which requirements are outstanding.

In addition, Degree Works can be used to perform a “what-if” analysis to determine how current coursework on a student transcript would be used if a different major was selected.

Banner Document Management (BDM) The Banner Document Management is the only imaging and document management solution that launches documents and content directly from Banner. It also provides secure access to information and materials across the Banner UDC and even from other vendors' systems.

The service allows the user to request access removal from various systems.