Access To Banner


Service Overview:

Access to Banner is restricted to campus users with a legitimate need for the business information it provides. There are two formats of Banner: Self-Service (Banner Rams Online) and Banner Admin. The type of access varies depending on a user's job responsibilities. This service allows the following Banner Admin access actions to take place:

  • Add a new user's access
  • Modify an existing user's access
  • Delete an existing user's access
  • Request access to new fund numbers

Specialized training and the completion of the security application are required for Banner Admin access.

Self-Service Banner (Banner Rams Online) is available for most faculty, staff, administrators, and students. If you are unsure which format of Banner best fits your need, please check with your supervisor, department chair, or Dean.

Important Notices:

  1. Faculty members must have permission from the Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs to access INB.
  2. Temporary access can be granted, providing there is an identified start and end date.
  3. For each module to which access is requested, authorized approvals are required.
  4. Questions concerning the security form, confidentiality statement, status of requests should be directed by email or phone.

Getting Started:

Click on the "Request Banner Access" button to the upper right.  


Request Banner Access


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