Registrar's Office

The Office of the Registrar is a resource to assist all current and former Winston-Salem State University students. The office is the repository of student records from the point of enrollment to the conferring of degrees and beyond. A wide range of services is offered to faculty, students, and members of the administration in the areas of academic records, student status, registration, course enrollment and publications.

Categories (5)

Academic Central

Change of Grade Request, Change of Pre-Major Request, Change of Major-Declare Minor Request, Application to Take Courses at Another Institution Request, Transfer Credit Appeal Request

Directory Updates/Verification Requests

Change of Address/Telephone Number Request, Degree Verification Request, Enrollment Verification Request, Social Security Number Correction Request

Registration Central

Administrative Withdrawal, Course Registration Add and Drop, Course Withdrawal After Census, University Withdrawal, Course Schedule Change

Faculty Central

Administrative Withdrawal, Change of Grade, and Course Schedule Change

University Catalog

The Winston-Salem State University Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Catalog are primarily intended for use by currently enrolled and prospective students, faculty, advisors, and staff. The Catalogs provide an overview of the University’s curriculum, academic programs and courses, facilities, and educational resources. They also include University academic policies, regulations, and procedures; information about degree and certificate programs, including degree requirements; a listing and description of courses; and a faculty directory.