Facilities Services

Facilities Management will design, build and manage the facilities and infrastructure that support innovative teaching and learning practices, expanded basic and applied research, and the University’s commitment to community engagement.

Facilities are responsible for routine maintenance, general non-routine maintenance, and operations of the University's physical buildings. These funds are intended to maintain the University's facilities as originally constructed and/or subsequently renovated.

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Locksmith Services

All request to locksmith services for keys and/or doors repairs, which is handled through maintenance per the Lock Shop.

NOTE: Please complete a key request form and attach it to your KEY REQUEST WORK REQUEST; your work request will become one work order and be sent to the Lock Shop. All signatures must be provided to proceed. Please remember that missing information on the form may cause a delay in the timely processing of key requests.

Heating and Cooling

The HVAC team strives to maintain spaces that are comfortable for students, faculty, and

Electrical, Elevators, & Lighting

We serve the students, faculty, and staff of Winston-Salem State University by providing electrical services for all campus buildings.

Building Interiors, Exteriors & other Components

(i.e. - painting, light carpentry, doors, etc.)

Enviromental Health and Safety (EHS)

Fire and Life Safety
Preventing the loss of life and property resulting from fire-related incidents is the focus of this program. Coordinated efforts and an ongoing regimen of facility inspections, evacuation drills, training, flammable chemical control, and education to ensure compliance with regulations and codes.

Environmental Protection and Chemical Safety
This program manages regulations concerning the safe use and disposal of hazardous chemicals, waste reduction, chemical hygiene, emergency spill procedures. This program also ensures compliance with stormwater, oil, and air emissions.

Warehouse Inventory & Equipment

Facilities warehouse inventory management is a process that involves receiving, storing, and tracking inventory in a warehouse.

NOTE: This service request is not to be used for moving and hauling requests. Please contact Alan Ireland to review items to be surplus.

Plumbing Services

Dripping Faucet, Leaking Pipe, No Hot Water, etc.

Motor Pool Maintenance Service

Motor Pool currently provides maintenance service on state issued vehicles and campus own vehicles. Please complete the form below to schedule maintenance service.

Moving & Hauling and Event Setup Services

Moving and Event setup services are provided by the Grounds area in Facilities. The Grounds area provides moving and hauling services that include relocation of furniture within the university, relocation of furniture and equipment for surplus off-campus. In addition, Facilities also assists in setting up university-sponsored events. Facilities do not have a moving crew. All moving services are contracted to outside vendors. Facilities are responsible for administering purchase orders to moving vendors and for managing and coordinating the moving process.

In general, all moving is scheduled for Wednesday of every week. Therefore, it is most important that any request for services for moving is received at Facilities no less than 14 calendar days prior to the desired moving date. This will allow Facilities to contact a vendor, complete the required purchasing process and schedule the move.

Environmental Services

Building and Environmental Services (BES) section is responsible for routine and specialized cleaning of University buildings, landscape and maintenance of grounds, sidewalks, parking lots and streets, solid waste containment, disposal and reduction, sanitation, recycling, and moving and hauling services.

Housekeeping Services
Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
Solid Waste Disposal
Recycling and Waste Reduction
Pest Control

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