Outside Scholarship Notification

Service Overview:

  • Please make scholarship checks payable to Winston Salem State University.
  • Scholarship checks should include the Student’s Name and Student’s Banner ID # in the memo section of the check. If thestudent has not provided his/her WSSU Banner ID #, the donor should include some other identifying factor, such as the home address or the last 4 digits of the student’s social security number. Please do not use the complete SSN.
  • Scholarship checks should be mailed to the following address:

Winston-Salem State University
Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid
601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
201 Thompson Center
Winston- Salem, NC 27110

  • Due to the volume of checks we receive, we regret that we cannot mail a confirmation of receipt to the student orscholarship donor. Students can verify receipt of funds by checking their student account on line.
  • If the scholarship donor requires verification of enrollment before sending funding to Winston-Salem University, we canprovide that information only if the student has signed the certification and privacy release on Winston-Salem StateScholarship Notification Form or if the student has signed and submitted a donor-generated form.
  • The student is responsible for reporting all financial assistance received or expected to receive to the Office ofScholarships and Financial Aid.
  • Scholarship awards are calculated as a resource in determining a student’s eligibility for federal, state, and institutionalfinancial assistance.

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